What is The Cost of Xfinity Home Security for 2025?

Comcast is most likely familiar to you for its high-speed internet, phone, and cable services. However, this telecoms behemoth also sells home security through its subsidiary, Xfinity. It’s called Xfinity Home — and our research and testing indicate that these clever solutions offer comprehensive home security and smart home automation. While it is not inexpensive, their bundles and programs are simple to grasp. The best part is that Xfinity provides discounts when you combine other Xfinity services with home security. However, how do the packages, plans, and prices compare to those offered by other brands? Consider the following.

Pricing for Xfinity Home Security

If you do not bundle, Xfinity Home systems may be rather costly. They provide two distinct equipment sets and two distinct monitoring options. You may finance the equipment packages for 24 months interest-free at a cost of just $15 or $20 per month, depending on the kit you choose. Additionally, you may buy the equipment outright for $360 or $480 to avoid the monthly installments.

We’ll go into further detail about these two options, outlining precisely what you receive for your money. However, it is critical to understand that these rates are around 15% more than the industry average. This expense was not a deal breaker for us, since we anticipated Xfinity to work admirably with current equipment like as touchscreen control panels and sophisticated smart home automation capabilities.

Now, wouldn’t it be lovely if all you had to spend for home protection and automation was $15 or $20 per month? Regrettably, it is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Xfinity Home. Additionally, customers must sign a two-year professional monitoring agreement. This arrangement adds another $40 or $50 per month to your equipment and monitoring fees, bringing them to $55 per month on the low end and $70 per month on the high end, depending on whether you finance your equipment.

We advocate swallowing the bullet and purchasing the equipment altogether if your budget allows for it. If you go this path, you’ll pay just $40 or $50 per month for Xfinity’s expert monitoring services. We’ll discuss the usefulness of their monitoring plans in more detail later, but you can anticipate features such as smart home controls, real-time alerts, live HD video, and a clever function that allows you operate your security system using your TV remote. 1

In general, we discovered that Xfinity’s monthly monitoring charges are comparable to the industry average. However, bear in mind that you will be obliged to sign a two-year contract, which we do not recommend. Additionally, Xfinity’s customer service might be improved.

Packages for Xfinity Home Equipment

Xfinity provides a variety of bundle deals, but has reduced their core offering to two equipment bundles: Xfinity Base Home and Xfinity Complete Home. For the price, we’re rather pleased with what these packages provide.

Their intuitive touchscreen control panel looks and feels far better than the plastic panels offered by many other competitors. Even their basic package includes a limited number of entrance sensors, although the majority of competitors provide just one. Another factor to consider is that Xfinity needs professional installation, which means a technician will need to come to your house to complete the installation.

Base Home System from Xfinity – $15 per month or $360 up front

The Xfinity Base Home System comes equipped with everything need to safeguard a modest residence. It is battery-powered and has a cellular backup. Additionally, it enables you to access and operate your system using your smartphone’s Xfinity mobile app. 2 However, if your property has more than three access points through windows or doors, you will need to acquire additional sensors, which may be costly with Xfinity. The Xfinity Basic Home System contains the following:

  • 1 control panel with touchscreen – 3 window or door entry sensors
  • 1 motion sensor that is pet-friendly
  • One Xfinity Home Security yard sign – Remote management through the Xfinity Home app – Battery and cellular system backup

Complete Home System from Xfinity – $20 per month or $480 up front

The premium equipment bundle includes everything included in the Base package, plus two extra door and window sensors, a wireless keypad, and a high-definition interior and outdoor Xfinity camera. We suggest this bundle above the Base package if you can afford it. The difference in pricing is $120, but you get an extra $200 in devices. Installing a security camera, in our experience, elevates home security to a new level. The Xfinity Whole-Home System contains the following:

  • 1 control panel with touchscreen – 5 window and door entry sensors
  • 1 motion sensor that is pet-friendly
  • 1 controller for wireless keypad
  • 1 HD Xfinity camera for indoor or outdoor use – 1 Xfinity Home Security yard sign – Remote management through the Xfinity Home app – Battery and cellular system backup

In terms of equipment quality, Xfinity meets the mark. Their equipment is not particularly unique in terms of design or construction. We investigated the items from every perspective throughout the testing process. In our hands, the gadgets felt fine, but only marginally better than more cheap systems like Ring or SimpliSafe. And their build quality fell short of that of Vivint or ADT.

Plans for Xfinity Home Monitoring

After selecting a set of equipment, you’ll need to decide on a monitoring strategy. Xfinity monitoring gives 24-hour protection by maintaining a constant connection to their skilled monitoring center. If a break-in happens, their representatives will contact you and, if necessary, deploy emergency services. This service is included in all Xfinity plans. And it’s adequate – we averaged 30 seconds for response times, which is usual for the business. However, both programs include more than surveillance. They include the following:

Home Security Plan from Xfinity – $40 per month

This “entry-level” package will get you started with a few more features. These characteristics include the following:

  • Professional monitoring 24 hours a day – Smart home automation – Instant smartphone notifications – Backup cellular system
  • Real-time high-definition video surveillance – Remote control through their mobile app
  • Compatible with Xfinity X1 for viewing cameras on your television

It’s uncommon to find a simple monitoring package that includes home automation and live video monitoring capabilities (thus the quotation marks around “basic”). At $40, we believe it is a fair value. However, you must ask yourself: am I willing to pay an additional monthly fee for sophisticated capabilities like as motion-activated video recording and artificial intelligence? If so, you might consider Xfinity’s Plus package.

Plan Xfinity Home Security Plus – $50 monthly

This package contains all of the features included in the $40 per month plan, plus the following:

  • Recording of video cameras 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Recording activated by motion
  • Integrated artificial intelligence (AI) – AI recognizes people, cars, and pets.

While not inexpensive, $50 per month is a reasonable price for entire home security, smart home automation, and sophisticated video choices. Vivint and ADT, for example, charge about $60 per month for comparable monitoring programs.

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