How to Print Secured PDF File with Free Software

PDF is a widely used file format for storing both professional and personal documents. This format is useful for a variety of document types since it keeps the layout of the content and prevents files from being altered without authority. However, when confronted with password-protected PDF files, you will discover that printing protected PDFs is a little more difficult than printing documents in other formats.

Fortunately, there are a sufficient number of tools and ways for printing a protected PDF on Windows, Mac, or the web. If you’re interested in learning how to print a protected PDF, you may continue reading this page and follow the instructions.

How to Print a Secured PDF Document and the Document itself

There are many methods for printing protected PDF files, and one of them will enable you to remove the restriction and print the file using a PDF editor/printer.

The Initial Method

Using EaseUS PDF Editor to Print Protected PDFs
EaseUS PDF Editor is a top-rated free PDF printer that runs flawlessly on Windows 7/8/8.1/10. To print a password-protected PDF, enter the password to unlock it and then click the “Print” button. Additionally, the printing choices enable you to flexibly configure the output file’s size and orientation.

If you need to alter a PDF file prior to printing, this program makes it simple. To begin, the OCR function converts the PDF to an editable format, even if it is an inactive scanned document. Numerous PDF editing tools are available for adding, changing, and removing text, pictures, and other elements in your document. Additionally, PDF annotating tools are convenient since they allow you to highlight imported text, as well as draw lines and add comments.

The Second Method – Using Google Drive to Print a Secured PDF

Another simple approach is to utilize Google Drive, which you may do provided you have a free Google account and Internet connection. Google Drive has a built-in PDF reader, which you can use to transmit PDF files to any of your printers without entering any credentials.

If you’re unfamiliar with how to print an encrypted PDF from Google Drive, the following guide can assist you.

How to Unprotect a PDF File and Print from Google Drive:

To begin, you should go to Then, click “New” and then “File upload” to upload your PDF file to the website.

Step 2. Once your PDF has been uploaded, right-click on it and choose “Preview.” This opens your file in Google’s integrated PDF reader, which includes the ability to print protected PDF files.

Step 3. At the top of the preview screen, click the print button to print your encrypted PDF file. You will not be prompted for any passwords, and your PDF will be sent directly to your selected printer.

The Third Method – Using Adobe Reader to Print Password-Protected PDFs

When it comes to altering PDF files, Adobe Reader is the default choice for the majority of consumers. After all, this is the default reader and editor for PDF files on the majority of users’ machines. If you are also a user of this application, you will be pleased to learn that you can use it to print password-protected PDFs. This eliminates the need to install additional tools in order to print your encrypted PDF files.

Following that, a tutorial on how to print an encrypted PDF using Adobe Reader is included. Follow it to print the files you need.

How to Print Adobe Reader-Locked PDF Files:

Step 1. Right-click your PDF file anywhere on your computer and choose “Open with,” followed by “Adobe Reader.”

Step 2. Once the software has opened the file, select “File” > “Properties.” Then, select the “Security” tab to discover the limits imposed to your PDF file.

Step 3. On the “Security” page, choose “No Security” from the drop-down option next to “Security Method.” You will now be prompted to enter your limited password.

Step 4. Return to your PDF document and click “Ctrl + S” to save it. You can also print the PDF directly by selecting “File” > “Print.”

How to Print a Password-Protected PDF Without a Password

How to print a password-protected PDF if you don’t know the passwords to the PDF files? The following ways for printing password-protected PDFs can assist you.

The First Method – Using Chrome to Print Password-Protected PDFs
To print a password-protected PDF, the first step is to erase the PDF’s password. Once you enter this password and choose an option, the password-protected PDF becomes unprotected. This unprotected PDF now behaves and functions identically to other files on your computer, and it may be printed from any printer on any computer. Bear in mind that in order to utilize this approach, you will need to know the right password for your PDF.

How to print a password-protected PDF with Chrome:

Step 1. Launch File Explorer and browse to the location of your PDF. Right-click on the PDF file and choose “Open with” followed by “Google Chrome.”

Step 2. When the PDF file is opened, a menu will appear in the top-right corner of your screen. To print documents, click the icon for printing documents. This will submit your current PDF to a virtual print job, but will not print your PDF file.

Step 3. A dialog box will popup, allowing you to choose the print job’s options. On this page, choose “Save as PDF” from the “Destination” drop-down menu, specify further choices if desired, and then click “Save” at the bottom.

Step 4. Double-click the saved PDF file to see an unprotected version of the original encrypted PDF. You may now print this PDF file using the print feature in any of your PDF readers.

The Second Method – Using Microsoft PDF Writer to Print Protected PDFs
Another option for removing password security and printing password-protected PDF files is to utilize Microsoft’s Print to PDF printer. This is a pre-installed virtual printer on all Windows 10 machines. Using this program, you may convert nearly any of your files to PDFs by simply printing them. This implies that you may use this virtual printer with any software on your computer that supports PDF.

You may also use this printer without downloading any programs by using Windows’ built-in Edge browser. You only need to open your PDF in this browser and send it to the aforementioned printer.

How to Print Password-Protected PDF Documents Using Microsoft PDF Writer:

Step 1. Right-click on your PDF file, whatever location it is in, and pick “Open with” followed by “Microsoft Edge.”

Step 2. When the PDF is opened in Edge, many choices will appear in the top toolbar. The option that has to be selected is print. To begin, click the printer icon.

Step 3. On your screen, a dialog box will appear, enabling you to set numerous choices for your PDF file. Select “Microsoft Print to PDF” from the “Printer” dropdown option to save an unprotected version of your PDF file. After that, click “Print.”

Step 4. Double-click the freshly produced PDF file, and then print it using the “Ctrl + P” command in any of your PDF readers.

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