Tips About How to Make Cyber Security Software in 2025

According to the Chinese saying, the optimal moment to plant a tree was ten years ago. However, the second best moment is now! Therefore, if you’re wanting to kick-start your cybersecurity awareness campaign, you’ve come to the right place. Now is the moment to sow the seed!

We’ve been at this for years, battling cultural change and increasing employee knowledge across small town America and up to the Fortune 500 corner office. We can assure you that it is all about creating amazing experiences, transforming employee habits and attitudes, and winning minds and hearts.

We mention all of this to reassure you that we are here to assist you with establishing a rock-solid cybersecurity program from beginning in just seven simple stages (and not just help you do more death-by-powerpoint).

To begin

Data is today seen as the new market gold, and as such, a company’s private data must be safely safeguarded. However, prior to saving this data, it must be organized. Define the data layers that exist within your company (think about: employee social security numbers, financial transactions, supplier payments, purchase orders, health records, intellectual property, patents, contacts, leads, among others). It is your company’s responsibility to safeguard this information!

The second stage

After classifying the information, you must determine the location of the data and information. Identify any devices in your organization that may be used to access this data: laptops, tablets, phones, and flash drives, for example. Determine the files, documents, spreadsheets, and applications in which the data is presented, as well as the file extensions used. This categorization will aid in the development of mechanisms for monitoring and controlling the use of this information, as well as the storage, processing, and transfer of data through company-provided equipment.

The third stage

Make a list of all the gear and software that your business uses. Keeping in mind that hardware and software are often the entry points for criminals, it is critical to maintain a thorough record of each hardware and software asset in order to react swiftly in recognizing, repairing, and upgrading the contaminated environment. A strong cybersecurity program begins with a complete inventory!

The fourth stage

After defining, identifying, and cataloguing your company’s data security framework, the following stage is staff training. Human mistake is the primary cause of 95% of cyber security breaches, according to an IBM research. This is why your company’s cybersecurity awareness training is critical.

Today, all business functions, not just IT, are digital, which means that anybody who has access to the devices and software that receive, process, and transfer sensitive data and information from your firm need security training.

Awareness of end users’ obligations and hazards associated with preventative activities must be ingrained in your company’s culture. Then, via your cybersecurity program, you may educate all firm personnel about these security ‘rules.’

Individuals must understand how to maintain safe passwords, protect data systems, and recognize and report phishing emails. How can I educate my staff about security?

The Fifth Stage

As new technologies improve, new risks arise. Remote access is one obvious example. Remote data access enables mobility and convenience, but introduces additional security vulnerabilities. In this instance, consider adding multi-factor authentication (MFA) and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to enhance remote employee security.

The Sixth Stage

Engage a professional or specialized business to examine your cybersecurity program on a regularly basis. An external perspective enables the identification of potential oversights in all of the preceding processes. Calculating the Return on Security Investment (R.O.S.I.) is critical for assessing the program’s effect on your business. This article will demonstrate how to compute the R.O.S.I.

Finally, but certainly not least!

Utilize game-based learning, immersive experiences, and intuitive learning approaches to engage your staff in security celebrations. Games allow workers to exercise and learn about hazards without the fear of a data breach costing them actual money. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten cyber security awareness games in this article; have a look!

We hope you get the concept that this is similar to creating a robust foundation for your organization brick by brick. Resilient companies have fortified their perimeters and deployed many defenses, the best of which are people trained to react fast.

If you’re interested in learning more about our training philosophy and how we rethink security for people, go here.

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