Best Antivirus for Ransomware Protection in 2025 (FREE & PAID)

The best ransomware protection software will not only prevent infection of your computer or other device, but will also prevent malware from changing your files and folders, whether locally or in the cloud.

Having some of the top ransomware protection software has grown more critical as cybersecurity threats continue to grow. This is particularly true if you are the victim of a successful ransomware assault, which may be very difficult to erase.

While technologies are available to assist in reversing a ransomware assault, the greatest strategy is to prevent infection in the first place.

Because the majority of the finest antivirus and anti-malware software provide protection against ransomware, we’ve prioritized them at the top of our list – after all, prevention is preferable than cure.

Additionally, if regular people back up their most critical data offline or online through a cloud storage service, the likelihood is that they can restore them if they access them from a new system.

For organizations, it’s long past time to implement a comprehensive disaster recovery software platform that enables you to restore everything you need from a recent or even real-time backup if a ransomware assault manages to breach your present endpoint protection.

Overall, ransomware is terrible news that is going to become worse, and although we have attempted to identify the best methods for eradicating it, keep in mind that they all have limits and that prevention is a far superior approach.

Thus, the finest ransomware prevention software platforms now accessible are listed below.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

In a market crowded with virus protection companies, TechRadar’s #1 ranked antivirus isn’t significantly more expensive than free antivirus downloads.

Take a look at any independent antivirus rankings and you’ll see that Bitdefender’s premium protection solutions consistently score at the top.

Bidefender Antivirus Plus is a dependable and accurate virus detector, with web and URL filtering to prevent access to harmful websites and a secure browser to safeguard your online banking and shopping activities. Additionally, there is a password manager that automatically completes credit card information in online forms. Additionally, it earns high marks for its superb anti-phishing module, which warns you to fraudulent links in search engine results and prevents you from visiting unsafe websites.

That is not all: there is also multi-layer ransomware protection that heuristically learns the behavior of such attacks in order to keep you secure, as well as the option to check all your connected devices through the Bitdefender Central mobile app.

While there are a few of drawbacks – it consumes more resources than typical and may interfere with some applications – Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is still a likable package that provides good detection rates, superb performance, and more than enough supplementary features to justify the price.

Bitdefender Internet Security expands on AVP by covering three times as many devices and adding anti-spam, firewall, parental adviser, and file encryption capabilities.

For a little premium, you may get Bitdefender Total Security. It includes everything mentioned above and protects up to five PCs, Macs, Android, and iOS devices.

AVG Antivirus

If you’re searching for ransomware protection that’s discreet and won’t interfere with your work, be careful – AVG Antivirus Free is rather loud with its alerts and sometimes annoys us with pop-ups informing us that we’ve done something amazing with our online security.

However, as a ransomware shield and anti-malware tool, it is rather excellent. The interface is intuitive, you’re protected not only from downloading attacks but also from dubious links, and you can remotely check your PC using your mobile device, which is rather ingenious.

While the free version provides basic antivirus protection, you actually need to subscribe to the premium version to obtain complete protection against ransomware, as well as extra security software features such as data encryption and a firewall.

Avast Internet Security

Avast Antivirus is one of the most capable internet security packages available today. While the firm is best known for its free antivirus software, it’s worth mentioning that it now includes an anti-malware tool that use behavioral tracking to identify malicious apps.

What’s more, not only are Avast’s basic products free, but they’re also accessible for mobile devices in addition to PCs, making Avast an especially good option if you have numerous devices to scan.

Even better, ransomware protection is included in the free edition of the Avast Antivirus platform, so there is no need to upgrade, but more security features are available if you do.

For corporate customers, there are a variety of paid internet security choices available to meet a variety of demands and preferences.

Webroot Antivirus

While almost every antivirus application makes the promise to be ‘lightweight,’ Webroot Antivirus is really the only one that lives up to this claim. Installation takes seconds, the application files need less than 2MB of disk space, the RAM footprint is negligible, and there are no large signature updates to clog your connection.

Given this, there are no compromises on features, which further adds to its impressiveness. Along with the core security, there is intelligent behavior monitoring, accurate real-time anti-phishing, a firewall and network connection monitor, better anti-ransomware, and other useful features.

It’s difficult to compare Webroot’s accuracy to the competition since the company’s products are seldom evaluated by large testing laboratories. However, when they are evaluated, they consistently get good marks, and our own testing demonstrate that they provide robust and dependable security.

Always-on security, identity protection, real-time anti-phishing, and a firewall monitor are included as features.

Antivirus ESET NOD32

If you assess antivirus software only on the basis of its feature set, ESET NOD32 Antivirus may come as a surprise. There is no firewall, password manager, file shredder, or vulnerability scanner included, as is often the case with its competitors.

This does not imply, however, that the package is lacking in power. It is just more fundamentally oriented. ESET NOD32 Antivirus includes real-time malware protection, some of the industry’s finest heuristic detection, an anti-ransomware layer, exploit protection, URL filtering to block dangerous websites, and modules to fight against assaults employing PowerShell and malicious scripts.

A Device Control module mitigates the danger of infection from other devices by limiting access to USB sticks, external hard drives, optical storage media, and even Bluetooth and FireWire-connected devices. This is an uncommon inclusion, but it may be necessary if people often connect gadgets to your PC.

Bear in mind that ESET NOD32 Antivirus is not intended for novice users. The UI is somewhat awkward, certain capabilities are rather sophisticated, and even the Help is not always useful.

However, advanced users will enjoy ESET’s strength and configurability. Above-average protection keeps you safe, and the package’s lightweight construction guarantees that it won’t slow you down.

ESET Internet Security enhances NOD 32 by tripling the number of devices protected and adding firewall, botnet protection, camera protection, and antispam functionality. Alternatively, for a little additional fee, you may get the ESET Smart Security Premium version. It incorporates all of the above as well as password management and data security.

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