8 Best Security Software for Mac in 2025

We are all aware of the conventional knowledge stating that there is no purpose in purchasing antivirus for Mac since Apple devices are completely impervious. Right?

To be sure, no. And it’s certainly a somewhat blinkered approach these days, given the huge number of Mac and MacBook users worldwide, creating a massive target for hackers and cybercriminals. And unfortunately, malware targeting Macs is getting more prevalent. That is why having the finest Mac antivirus software is critical. You don’t want to purchase a new MacBook Pro just to have it rendered unusable due to a cyber attack!

While Apple Macs are still less often targeted than Windows machines, they are nevertheless susceptible to infection – and the dangers are growing, which is why you need security. Each Mac antivirus program on this list was picked because it is optimized for Mac computers and has a strong track record of detecting and eliminating viruses and spyware.

The macOS operating system is built on Unix, which is sandboxed, which makes it more difficult for viruses to do harm. Consider them as being imprisoned in a little box from which they are unable to escape, no matter how hard they try. This means that you’ll need Mac-specific antivirus software – whether it’s the most robust paid-for protection or a free download from the list at the bottom of this tutorial – that’s optimized for macOS’s particular requirements. Therefore, continue reading for our best picks…

Bitdefender Mac Antivirus

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac is one of the most accurate virus protection suites available for Apple devices, based on a world-class antivirus engine that has repeatedly been ranked among the best performers by independent testing laboratories (and it boasts fast scan times, too).

However, Bitdefender is not only about basic antivirus protections; it also includes a robust feature set. This features multi-layered ransomware protection, superior anti-phishing capabilities, and very comprehensive online browser security through an extension.

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac also monitors for adware and is capable of searching for and detecting malware on Windows PCs. This protects you against the risk of distributing a Windows virus to your friends or family members who may use Windows 10 PCs.

Additionally, an additional layer of protection for Time Machine is a beneficial feature, since it protects backups against ransomware assaults. Additionally, a convenient feature is the integration of Bitdefender VPN. Having said that, the data allotment is restricted to 200MB per day, which is quite low – and hence only suitable for very infrequent usage. Nonetheless, it’s better than nothing and comes in useful in a situation.

If you’re worried about viruses and other online unpleasantness, Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac is the finest Mac software in 2021. Finally, keep in mind that in addition to this standalone Mac antivirus, you can secure your Mac as part of Bitdefender Total Security, the company’s flagship security package (which protects Macs, Android, and iOS devices, as well as Windows PCs – a total of up to ten devices).

Intego Internet Security for Mac X9

Intego is a seasoned antivirus supplier that has been protecting Macs for over two decades, so if any software producer understands the level of protection required for Apple devices, it is this business.

Mac Internet Security X9 protects you against the newest dangers. Independent testing laboratories have typically given it a good rating in the past (although it slipped slightly in the most recent December 2020 Mac test by Best Mac antivirus software). Additionally, scans are rather quick, and you receive protection against Windows viruses.

Apart from that strong core virus defense, it has an intelligent firewall with anti-spyware protection. Additionally, Intego helps protect your privacy by guarding against third-party programs that seek to steal your data. Additionally, Mac Internet Security X9 has an attractive interface that is very user-friendly.

Among the Intego disadvantages are that the software is somewhat more demanding on system performance than other competitors and that the AV-Test assessment is less certain – although we shouldn’t place too much faith in a single test, since Intego has previously done better.

Another advantage of Intego is a long 30-day free trial, which allows you to put Mac Internet Security X9 through its paces and determine if it meets your approval. Finally, keep in mind that there is also a complete Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9, which includes Internet Security X9 plus a slew of other functions, such as backup and speed optimization.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Mac

Kaspersky is a well-known brand in antivirus protection, which it upholds with its Internet Security for Mac program, which is absolutely brimming with capabilities.

You receive superior malware defenses – Kaspersky is frequently regarded as one of the best Mac antivirus solutions by independent test labs – as well as malicious URL blocking, ransomware protection, and countermeasures against camera hijacking. Additionally, Kaspersky includes an encrypted browser for enhanced protection while doing sensitive online chores like as banking.

The Mac program seems to be identical in appearance to the Windows 10 antivirus version, which is well rated in and of itself). There is so plenty to admire here, even though this internet security package hasn’t altered much since last year – but, as they say, if it ain’t broke…

The primary snag here is that Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac may be somewhat more expensive than top-tier competitors, depending on the degree of pricing available. However, there is often a significant discount off the asking price, making the suite a more tempting deal – but if not, it may be worth checking out Kaspersky Internet Security’s vanilla edition (which at times can be cheaper and also covers Macs as well as other devices).

Norton 360 Deluxe

Norton is another well-known antivirus brand that offers superior malware detection for Mac systems. Indeed, Norton 360 Deluxe protects Macs, Windows computers, and mobile devices – up to five per license. Therefore, if you have a large number of Macs or MacBooks to protect, as well as a Windows laptop and, of course, a smartphone, Norton will cover all bases.

You get a generous amount of features here, including good antivirus protection, anti-ransomware protection, a firewall, parental controls, and several extremely useful add-ons, like as cloud backup and a password manager. Additionally, there is a substantial bonus in the shape of Norton Secure VPN, which assists in enhancing online security and privacy.

While Norton 360 provides significant security advantages, one thing to keep in mind is that it has a more perceptible influence on system speed than other competitors.

Additionally, the suggested retail price for this security suite is on the higher end by default. However, there are often discounts that save a significant amount of money. At the time of writing, you can get a really decent value on a subscription – especially given the amount of devices included.

Macintosh Trend Micro Antivirus

Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac is another excellent option for keeping your Mac safe, and its antivirus engine has received high marks from independent testing laboratories. Additionally, Trend Micro’s antivirus software ranks at the top in terms of the app’s core malware protection.

This program’s feature set includes ransomware protection (provided by Folder Shield), parental controls, camera and microphone protection, anti-phishing defenses, and a social media privacy checker that monitors social media usage for the growing number of increasingly severe threats delivered via these channels. Additionally, this software is simple to use and intuitive in general.

On the flipside, virus scans might sometimes take longer than they do with competing solutions, and Trend Micro slows down Mac computers more than the majority of competitor suites. Additionally, the software is limited to a single device (but that might be all you need).

Additionally, several competing antivirus programs provide additional functionality. For instance, trend Micro does not include a firewall or security for internet banking – the company’s Pay Guard encrypted browser is reserved for its Maximum Security for Mac package.

Having said that, the latter package is now available for the same price as Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac – and includes enhanced coverage for up to five devices (including Windows PCs, Android, and iOS mobiles, and Chromebooks). Indeed, this offer seems to run on a fairly regular basis, so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for similar deals and purchasing the Trend Micro Maximum Security suite instead.


Clario aspires to be an all-in-one security product, and it accomplishes this objective by including antivirus and a slew of other features. Clario performs well here, since Bitdefender, our top-rated supplier, runs the primary antivirus engine. It received full scores for malware protection in the single Mac test conducted by the independent laboratories that have tested it thus far (particularly AV-Test).

As previously said, this package includes a fully integrated Mac VPN service (powered by NordVPN, a reputable provider), identity theft protection, safe surfing, and anti-tracking countermeasures.

The Mac program is cleverly built to be very simple to use for novices, but on the other hand, it pushes the simplicity of use to the point that tech-savvy users may be turned off. The second disadvantage is that Mac users are not affected since the Mac software is excellent — but the mobile applications are disappointingly rudimentary. Yes, Clario also supports iOS and Android devices (but not Windows) – up to three or six per monthly or annual membership level.

Although the asking price is more than some of the competing suites on this page, the combination of high-quality antivirus and VPN protection in a user-friendly package may appeal to certain Mac users.

Avast Internet Security Premium

Avast Premium Security is well-equipped to guard your Mac, and its antivirus protection has been lauded by both main independent testing laboratories – so it’s off to a strong start.

This is backed up with a respectable feature set, which includes a Ransomware Shield that acts as an additional layer of security against this especially terrible form of malware. It’s a capacity that performed well in our tests and may be effective against even the most recent unknown threats.

Additionally, you receive a high degree of safety when surfing the web, with Avast firmly guiding you away from phishing sites and providing Wi-Fi intruder warnings in the event that your home network is hijacked.

The primary disadvantage is that if you only want to protect a single Mac, Avast Premium Security is prohibitively expensive – but if you pay a little more for the cross-platform Premium Security suite, which covers ten devices (which can include not just Macs, but also Windows PCs and smartphones), it’s significantly more affordable, assuming you require that level of coverage. Nonetheless, there are more affordable solutions available elsewhere.


ClamXAV may not have the most enticing name, but it is the antivirus software for Mac that many IT experts swear by – not least because it is the only antivirus program that is designed just for Apple systems.

That is not to say that it is unduly sophisticated; in fact, ClamXAV offers one of the most straightforward and user-friendly interfaces of any Mac antivirus software on our list.

It excels at detecting viruses included in email attachments, and although it lacks some of the internet security measures included in other suites, it is still a good option for securing your Mac. Additionally, it is an app that now works natively on M1-enabled smartphones.

ClamXAV was only assessed in a single round of Mac testing by independent labs in 2020, yet AV-Test gave this antivirus full marks in its June 2020 test.

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