10 Best Internet Security Software for You Computer in 2025

If you’re searching for an antivirus that does more than safeguard your computer against viruses, Trojans, and fraudsters, a full-featured internet security package may be a better option.

The top internet security packages safeguard your online devices from a broad variety of threats. While basic virus protection is always included, these packages may also contain additional privacy features, additional encryption tools such as a VPN, recovery DVDs, and even password managers. These are really all-in-one internet security downloads for individuals seeking the maximum level of safety.

Additionally, internet security suites benefit more than just PCs and laptops, since these subscriptions provide access to applications for Android and iPhone cellphones. Because they cover numerous devices (often five or more), you can safeguard all of your family’s electronics with one simple plan – Windows and Macs are also covered.

While these internet security packages are often targeted at domestic consumers, keep in mind that certain services, such as secure cloud backup and endpoint protection, are designed exclusively for companies. Additionally, online cyber security training are available to assist raise employee understanding.

With the assistance of our tutorial and our hand-picked list of the top internet security suites, you’ll end up with much more than basic software. The following are the ones we believe are presently at the top of the market.

Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender Total Security is the security firm’s top-of-the-line product and is unmatched in terms of all-in-one internet security suites.

Total Security is brimming with features. You get standard antivirus tools plus impressively capable ransomware protection, a firewall, a Wi-Fi security advisor, a secure browser (Safepay) for online banking, a file shredder, a vulnerability scanner (which has been enhanced for 2021), a password manager, an email spam filter, parental controls, webcam and microphone defenses, and more, in addition to a superb web protection module for blocking malicious URLs.

Along with security features, Total Security includes a variety of tools for PC maintenance and optimization. These are beneficial in and of themselves, clearing out unnecessary files and speeding up boot times – but more crucially, Bitdefender’s flagship package also includes programs for Macs, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.

Given that Total Security is just slightly more costly than Bitdefender Internet Security — the company’s mid-tier security suite – it’s likely worth upgrading if you have many devices running a variety of different operating systems to cover. (You can read our complete Bitdefender review to see what we think of the range.)

Additionally, Bitdefender has a negligible influence on system speed, according to independent and our own tests (some competitors do somewhat better in this area, but the difference is negligible in real-world usage).

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that this suite comes with a free 30-day trial that requires no financial information; all you need is an email address. This means you may evaluate Bitdefender for a whole month before making a purchase.

Norton 360 Deluxe Edition

When we compared all of NortonLifeLock’s security suite choices, we determined that Norton 360 Deluxe offers the greatest value for anybody wishing to secure more than one device – which is likely the majority of people.

Norton provides adequate basic protection – although some independent test lab findings have been mixed – as well as a slew of extras, like webcam protection and dark web surveillance (the latter is restricted to US users), an impressively intelligent firewall, and a parental control system.

By the way, the parental controls are excellent, with in-depth monitoring tools to keep an eye on your children’s online activities and even GPS tracking for their mobile devices. Norton excels in this area.

Additionally, there are some very valuable extras included, like as a fully integrated Norton VPN (which might be a significant cost-cutting measure in and of itself) and 50GB of online backup storage (ditto).

Concerning the downsides, it’s worth noting that Norton 360 Deluxe has a greater impact on system performance than other security suites – but it’s still within the range of typical performers, and you’re unlikely to notice in regular use.

Norton 360 Deluxe protects up to five devices (which implies you may utilize the VPN on those five pieces of hardware as well), including Windows and Mac PCs, as well as Android and iOS mobile applications. Due to the low price in comparison to competitors, you should absolutely consider this Norton package (compare it to the company’s other products using our guide to picking your Norton plan) – especially for family use due to the very complete parental controls.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware

Kaspersky Total Security is another stalwart of the security field, and as you would assume, it provides superior protections while using very little system resources. For 2021, performance settings have been added to help limit battery drain for laptop users.

One of the shortcomings of the entry-level Kaspersky Anti-Virus program is that it is fairly sparse on additional capabilities, focusing mostly on the essentials – and what it does give in terms of additional bits and pieces is rather lacking.

Which is why it makes sense to opt for Kaspersky Total Security, primarily because it offers significantly more functionality and is not significantly more expensive than Kaspersky Anti-Virus (at least not if you want to protect multiple devices – and sometimes, thanks to Kaspersky’s deals, both of these products are priced similarly).

You get a lot more with Total Security, including an intelligent firewall (which does not bombard you with pop-up messages requesting action), a secure web browser, protection against webcam hijacking, and a software updater (which is more useful than most such efforts), as well as a file backup tool and a solid password manager. You also get the full version of Kaspersky’s Safe Kids module.

The latter is an amazing parental control solution that includes some sophisticated social media monitoring features. While not all functions live up to this quality – certain extras, like as the troubleshooting wizards and spam filter, are a little shaky around the edges – you’re still getting a lot for your money.

Trend Micro Enterprise Security

There are several reasons to prefer Trend Micro’s flagship security suite – Trend Micro Maximum Security – not the least of which is its polished and user-friendly interface, which is complemented with superior malware protection. Trend Micro is well regarded by independent testing laboratories, and it also provides excellent multi-layered anti-ransomware protection.

Additionally, the software has superior URL filtering for safer online surfing, and this system is highly adjustable. That said, one tiny shortcoming of Trend Micro’s solution is the absence of low-level management – such as virus scanning choices – which may disappoint more demanding consumers.

Maximum Security includes parental controls, social network protection, and PC maintenance tools, the latter of which is lacking. Additionally, it has anti-theft protections, a safe vault for keeping critical information, and an adequate integrated password manager.

Less tech-savvy individuals will enjoy the simplicity of use, which extends to the capable mobile applications. There is also a 30-day trial, so you can properly test everything out before purchasing.

Avast Total Security

While Avast is well recognized for its great free security product, the company also offers an exceptional all-in-one protection suite called Avast Ultimate. This is another product that includes a complete VPN, providing far more security online than a standard antivirus suite, and making Avast Ultimate a value-packed purchase for anyone considering a cheap VPN as well.

While Avast’s SecureLine VPN may not compete with the finest services, it does offer a reliable – and significantly, fast – service. Additionally, Avast Ultimate includes a functional password manager, a safe browser, and some good network security features.

This package provides lots of configuration choices for specialists and has adequate defenses, backed up with a noteworthy Ransomware Shield for more security on that front.

There are a few small irritants here, most notably Avast’s unpleasant efforts to sell other products as part of a paid-for suite, and we noticed a little system slowness throughout our evaluation. However, these minor quibbles aside, Avast Ultimate is an excellent option if you want VPN protection in addition to standard virus protection.

Internet Security Plus by Webroot

Webroot prides itself on being exceedingly light and speedy. Indeed, it has a negligible memory footprint and occupies almost no space on your hard disk, since all virus definitions are saved on the cloud.

Despite its little effect on your computer, Webroot Internet Security Plus packs a punch in terms of functions. There’s online banking and identity theft security, as well as ransomware defenses, an effective anti-phishing system, a smart firewall, and a password manager (essentially, you get a LastPass membership folded in, which is excellent news given the quality on offer here).

Downsides? While you may get lightning-fast malware scans, Webroot’s engine has not been tested in recent years by the industry’s leading independent testing laboratories. That is not always a negative thing, but based on what we have seen – and what ratings are available – there is a rather mixed picture of its accuracy. Additionally, keep in mind that the iOS app does not have malware detection; instead, it has a safe browser, backup feature, and password manager.

Nonetheless, Internet Security Plus is a well-rounded program, and Webroot’s confidence in its suite is shown by a 70-day ‘no questions asked’ money-back guarantee.

ESET SecureAnywhere Premium

ESET Smart Security Premium is a feature-rich product. This features parental controls, camera protection, network monitoring, enhanced network security, and an anti-theft function for Windows devices (which enables location tracking and more). Additionally, Linux systems, as well as Windows and Mac PCs, are covered here.

While ESET offers a plethora of capabilities, their quality varies. For instance, the parental controls system is really basic, but the password manager is rather robust. ESET also includes a plethora of setting choices that will suit specialists, however computer newbies may struggle with certain aspects.

ESET’s antivirus protection seems to be adequate, despite inconsistent reviews from independent testing laboratories. Smart Security Premium does include some intriguing features, such as the aforementioned password manager and a secure file vault to safeguard any important data on your computer, which some users will undoubtedly find quite handy.

Having said that, unless you want this extra feature, it is not the most cost-effective suite available.

McAfee Total Protection for Mobile Devices

As the name implies, McAfee’s entry-level offering, Total Protection Individual, is limited to a single device. And if you’re considering getting that and have more than one Windows PC, you’re almost probably better off with McAfee Total Protection Multi-Device.

For not much more money – or sometimes even less, depending on the bargains McAfee runs on a regular basis – you receive a solid security package that protects up to five Windows or Mac PCs, as well as Android or iOS devices. Additionally, US consumers get a valuable added bonus in the form of identity theft protection.

McAfee’s interface is straightforward and uncomplicated, which makes it ideal for novices, but may be too minimal for more experienced users. Additionally, the UI has a few minor glitches, but nothing too unpleasant.

Independent test lab studies indicate that McAfee Total Protection provides adequate defensive, if not class-leading, protection. Indeed, some reviews of McAfee’s virus engine are harsh.

Overall, McAfee’s suite offers good value and a good selection in the Multi-Device bundle, with several useful add-ons for enhancing online surfing and app speed, as well as an integrated (but very rudimentary) free VPN.

Bullguard Premium Security

Another security suite worth considering is BullGuard’s, which combines multi-layered protections with powerful machine learning to thwart current and future malware threats.

Additionally, there is a built-in firewall, vulnerability scanner, and home network scanner to ensure the safety and security of your Wi-Fi connection. BullGuard Premium Protection also provides a delight for gamers with its Game Booster optimization tool, which enhances performance while gaming (and it works well enough, by all accounts).

BullGuard delivers a high-quality engine, or at least it is highly rated by AV-Test, the security firm’s only independent test lab. Additionally, BullGuard Premium Protection offers an excellent value proposition for customers wishing to protect several devices. Indeed, if you need to secure ten or more devices, it ends out to be less expensive than BullGuard’s Internet Security package, which has less functionality – an unusual scenario, but one we will accept!

Avira Prime

This is an intriguing one since although Avira’s top-tier package lacks some of the basic security capabilities found in other internet security suites, it more than compensates in other ways that may be appealing depending on your individual requirements and use case.

Thus, although Avira Prime lacks a firewall and parental controls – as well as any kind of backup — it compensates with certain useful features. This includes a respectable VPN — with complete and unlimited access – and some genuinely high-quality PC maintenance utilities.

If you want those speed-up tools and/or have been contemplating upgrading to a VPN in addition to a new security package, Prime may be a good choice. Indeed, in the latter situation, Avira Prime represents excellent value for money, delivering a robust engine to keep you secure online, as well as that Avira VPN on top. Others, on the other hand, may miss the aforementioned core suite elements, such as parental controls.

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